A War Plan for The Veterans War on American Soil

The Veterans Rights Advocates Steps to Fight for Your Veterans' Rights

You will lose if you follow the prescription for disaster that is ingrained in almost every U.S. Senator and U.S. Representative.  Everyone of them will ask without fail, "Have you been discriminated against personally because you are a veteran?"  The OFCCP and employers have seized these words and worked them against the veteran.  It is much harder to prove that a veteran has been spit upon and called sleazy by their employer today.  Shirley Wilcher said it best when she stated, "You can not talk about discrimination without talking about affirmative action."  Without affirmative action, discrimination will continue to exist.  Therefore, follow the War Plan for The Veterans War on American Soil if you have suffered under your "qualified" Federal Contractor.  Note: We are asking all veterans to join together in a Veterans Class Action Lawsuit (VCAL) by clicking here.

Step 0) Try very hard to find an LVER or DVOP within the VETS organization that will follow the congressional mandates of CFR Part 60-250.nn and has been trained to work with you and follow your complaints.  As of this writing, no LVER or DVOP has ever followed a CC-4 for a veteran for over 20 years in the 13 VETS centers in Southern California.  Please read statute regarding LVERs on the last page of noncompliance example in Note 2,  41CFR 60-250.61(a) in the War Chest.

Note: Read Appeals Help in War Chest before filing a complaint or appeal.

Step 1) It is more than probable that your federal contractor has deliberately ignored the congressionally mandated CFRs to provide their employees with a viewable affirmative action plan, posters, notification in the company manual of veterans rights under a federal contractor, and failed to file their yearly VETS100 report with the Department of Labor.  Therefore, file a noncompliance complaint with the Department of Labor, immediately.  An example is provided in the War Chest on the Links page.  Copies to media, VA, and others are appropriate as Step 1.  

Step 2) File a CC-4 complaint describing the lack of above and describe all personal instances of abuse and lack of support for veterans by the federal contractor and fellow employees.  Don't be afraid to ask questions that the Department of Labor must respond to before they began their investigation.  A CC-4 complaint form is provided for you to follow in the War Chest on the Links page.  Note: "You are entitled to a pre-NORI meeting and the CO must have your file in front of them to refuse and/or answer your questions.  Bring witnesses.

Step 2a) If a NORI, Notice of Results of Investigation, is ruled in favor of the federal contractor, examine the NORI for inconsistencies and absence of decisions regarding key issues and file for a Reconsideration of Investigation, ROI, (an ROI is an appeal), within 30 days, in Step 3 below.

Step 2b) If a NORI is ruled in your favor, let us know at www.v-r-a.org AskTell.

Step 3) File your ROI because the Department of Labor makes human errors that can be reversed even if they are guarding their own hen house.  An ROI is not a form.  It is a narrative that supports your original CC-4 with evidence.  Your narrative will carry more weight if some of your evidence is in the form of Affidavits.  A sample affidavit is provided for your convenience in the War Chest on the Links page. 

Remember, the greatest discrimination by the OFCCP and qualified Federal Contractors is the lack of affirmative action for veterans by the Federal Contractors that is not enforced by the Department of Labor's OFCCP.




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