The Year of the Veteran

For the past 25 years, the mention of our veterans has instilled thoughts about our future, feelings about time that has passed, and worry about things yet to come. For some, the coming of The Year of the Veteran has been greatly awaited; to others, it will be an event of community support for Veterans' Rights long overlooked.

Many believe that our Veterans Rights began with the VEVRAA of 1974 Amended (Vietnam Era Veterans Readjustment Assistance Act)  and was protected with the inception of the OFCCP in October, 1979 (Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs). Others believe that all veterans are covered by this act as of Fall of 1998 if the veteran served on active duty for 180 days during a campaign for which a battle ribbon was awarded.  And then there are many veterans for whom the OFCCP has never existed or just doesn't work.

Differences in individual beliefs of tradition and time are not likely to deter the vast majority of veterans all over the world from commencing a once-in-a-lifetime gathering to support Veterans Rights when The Year of the Veteran rings its bell loud and clear.

What's in a Number Like 30,000,000 Veterans?

While much of the world continues its day-to-day struggles for existence, many veterans will have suffered and continue to suffer stoically and regard The Year of the Veteran as being of little importance. For example, of the 30,000,000 veterans who hold now and have held jobs in the civilian workplace, how many veterans were or are aware of the OFCCP?  How many veterans are aware that the OFCCP is supposed to protect certain Veterans Rights for those veterans that are now or have worked for Federal Contractors and have been mistreated by those Federal Contractors who have violated their obligations and promises to veterans?  A Federal Contractor may be an individual, a partnership, a corporation, state or local government or subdivision of government. These Federal Contractors have billions of dollars in Federal Contracts but many of them  have broken their promises to support Veterans Rights in the workplace..

Time has marched on without so much as a thank you for many veterans.  Many veterans have died without knowing their full Veterans Rights under VEVRAA.

It is the Congressionally mandated duty of every Federal Contractor that meets the requirements as a Federal Contractor to support VEVRAA and inform all employees that are veterans of their rights.  It is also the Congressionally mandated duty of the OFCCP to enforce and uphold Veterans Rights with these Federal Contractors.

And now, for veterans of the United States, The Year of the Veteran will be a beacon signaling the turn around of the injustice and indignity most veterans have suffered in the workplace. When Veterans Rights are fully supported, we will need a new signpost to constantly signal all veterans that this injustice will never happen again.




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