Planning a Gathering of Veterans

The veterans in the workplace have long been denied their rights by Federal Contractors who meet the criteria as Federal Contractors and have broken their promises to support affirmative action for veterans as well as ignored discrimination against veterans.  Furthermore, the lack of affirmative action for veterans is the biggest discrimination of all.

Around the world and especially in the United States, most veterans have not heard of the OFCCP.  It is the only agency mandated by the U.S. Congress in 1979 to support Veterans Rights in the workplace through affirmative action.  Another agency, VETS, has been mandated to support USERRA laws.  A veteran could be a civilian working for a Federal Contractor in any of the following places and many more.

bulletNew York
bulletGermany and Austria
bullet Egypt

France and England have long been close business partners that have established  close connections with America.  .Many veterans have completed their service in those countries and have stayed on to work for well known American companies.

England in particular has sent their own workers to America to work and enjoy the benefits of being workers with close ties to both England and America.  Of concern, is the treatment of veterans by the Federal Contractors who are also abusing their status as Federal Contractors.

World-famous Times Square in New York is one of the most densely populated workplaces in the world where veterans can be found working.  Veterans can also be found in Walt Disney World in Florida, San Francisco Bay, and the casinos of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Veterans can be found working for the businesses and agencies in Washington, D.C.  As veterans would expect, Federal Contractors abound in D.C.  Moreover, the rules for hiring, training, promoting, and retaining veterans by Federal agencies are even stricter than for other Federal Contractors.

Japan has had trade agreements for years with the United States.  American business has had to have workers that can be effective in Japan and the United States.  The  Federal Contractors that meet the criteria for supporting Veterans Rights must also follow the VEVRAA mandates.

Brazil and other South American countries have Federal Contractors that must meet their obligations as Federal Contractors.  The Federal Contractors in these countries that are mentioned here and all the other countries that have Federal Contractors must follow the mandates to protect Veterans Rights in the workplace.  It has become the duty of all veterans to see to it that the OFCCP and Federal Contractors are no longer going to be able to ignore Veterans Rights in the workplace.




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