My memorial to Raymond Burr, star of Perry Mason

In Memoriam
Raymond Burr for his 10 visits to Vietnam
Pleiku, Vietnam

I am presenting a snapshot in time of a good person
by the name of Raymond Burr, star of Perry Mason.
Raymond Burr visited G.I.s in Vietnam 10 times.
He came to Pleiku, Vietnam as part of one of his visits.
He survived a helicopter crash and wore an arm sling for several shows
of Perry Mason which answers the question of why for many of us viewers.
I was given an autographed picture by Raymond Burr which I have kept
in storage all these years. Fortunately, I also took slides of him.
Raymond said he wanted my picture.
I asked him, "Why me?"
He said, "Because you took some of me."

I have reduced my signed remembrance to a small GIF for all to have.
Eventually, I will load down some of my slides of Raymond Burr as JPEGs.

Take care,
as always,
Scott (US 55731929)


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