My memorial for the 19 U.S. soldiers that died in Pleiku, Viet-nam, Christmas, 1964

In Memoriam
the 19 U.S. Soldiers who died
Pleiku, Vietnam
December, 1964, Christmas

I came home to my family from Pleiku, Vietnam
a week before Christmas, 1964.
However, 19 military friends never saw another Christmas.
They died one week later when our small camp was attacked by VC.
For over a year we used to watch red 50 caliber tracers and mortar bursts
near our camp and wonder when the VC would come over the concertina wire.
If it weren't for a Sp/5 who sounded the alarm while on duty at 2 a.m. that morning,
more of my former comrades would have died. Unfortunately, the Sp/5 died also.
He was well liked and respected by everyone.
Later, some of us got together in Towson, Maryland to remember
all we could and share old times.

I am thankful to be able to build this two frame animated GIF for all of you
on behalf of us that survived and those that died.

Take care,
as always,
Scott (US 55731929)


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