AAA Vets Voices - (One of the best) - Thanks to Col. Dan Cedusky..

AARP Search Page

Affirm Your Knowledge - Take the Affirmative Action Test. 

Affirmative Action - 10 Myths about Affirmative Action

Affirmative Action - OFCCP Brochure, (FRONT) and (BACK).

American Legion, National Headquarters

Behind Enemy Lines

Bureau of Labor Statistics for Vietnam Veterans

Central Contractor Registration database

Commerce Business Daily

Congressional Hearings - Do you know that these hearing are quoted in courts to decide cases?  (See Law Librarians Links for more Hearing Information.)

CSULB Conciliation Agreement with OFCCP (Word 6.0/95) (HTML)

Destruction of The Veterans Group at CSULB  (Word 6.0/95)   (WordPerfect)

DOL - OIG Audit Report of the OFCCP in PDF file and ESA Response in Word 6/95 file.

DOL - OIG (Office of the Inspector General) Mail Address and E-mail Address

DOL - Personnel and Salaries from the Plum Book.

EEOC and OFCCP Coordination Agreement - Memorandum of Understanding.

ESA, OFCCP, and Labor Department Staffing and Budget

Federal Register

GAO (Government Accounting Office)

GAO Access Link to Search of Publications

GPO (Government Printing Office) - Veteran to Veteran - A  great resource for Enduring Freedom, Vietnam, Gulf War, Korea, WWII veterans.  Features discussion board, benefits, healthcare, compensation, gaf, ptsd, gws, compensation claim, bva case search. 

How Laws Are Made - Do you know how your government works?

Journal of the Vietnam Veterans Institute, Discrimination Against Veterans by the Federal Agency Charged with Protecting Veterans' Rights (1994) HTML and Academe: Not So Hallowed Halls for Veterans (1995) HTML.

Kennedy, Joe N., OFCCP Affirmative Action and Discrimination

Law Librarians Links - Do you want to know more about Congressional Hearings?

Legal Help1 -

Legal Help2 - NVLSP Lawyer Referral List - Load down zip file.

Mauldin, Bill, WWII Pulitzer Prize Cartoonist, dies January 22, 2003.  Click here for memorial.  Click here for obituary.  Vietnam articles.  Click here for Pleiku.  Click here for Saigon.

Memorial for William E. Linsley, my brother Bill, a U.S. Army Veteran, who survived the Alaskan earthquake.

Memorial for All Lost Loved Ones

MSPB (Merit Systems Protection Board)

Navy Dedication to Fun

OFCCP Complaint Form, CC-4

OFCCP Compliance Procedures - March 30, 2000 Evaluation

OFCCP Contacts

OFCCP Federal Contract Compliance Manual (FCCM)

OFCCP News Articles on CSULB Discrimination

OFCCP "SHAM" Investigations Denying Veterans Rights in the Workplace

OPM (Office of Personnel Management)

Office of the Inspector General (OIG) for the DOL. See also: DOL -OIG etc. above.

Petition to the Committee on Veterans' Affairs, U. S. House of Representatives, concerning the "Failure to Enforce The Vietnam Era Veterans' Readjustment Assistance Act."  (Word 6.0/95)  (WordPerfect)  (HTML)

USERRA - Code of Federal Regulations

USERRA -  Index to CFRs Supporting USERRA

USERRA - Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act

USERRA - U.S.C. - Title 38 (Ch. 41, 42, & 43)

U. S. Army Corp. of Engineers Contracting Office

U. S. Department of Justice

U. S. Department of Labor (DOL) - Employment Standards Administration (ESA)

U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs

U. S. DOL/OALJ/OFCCP Law Library

U. S. House of Representatives

U. S. Senate

V-R-A Graph of Monthly Visitors

Veterans Preference Act  (VPA) Information- Are you a veteran that needs to know?

Veterans Rights Act (VRA) Information - Are you a veteran that needs to know?

Veterans Wives Support

VetJobs and RecruitMilitary Page

Vets100 Site

VETS - Contacts

VETS - Veterans Employment and Training Service

VETS Complaint Form 1010  (PDF)   (Word 6.0/95)   (WordPerfect)

VEVRAA - Index to CFRs Supporting VEVRAA

VEVRAA - 41 CFR Part 60-250 in CFRs

VEVRAA - 41 CFR Part 60-250 in Federal Register

Vietnam Veterans of America

War Chest - Appeals Help - Good Cause - Sample Noncompliance - Sample CC4 - Sample Affidavit

Wilcher, Shirley J., 1965 OFCCP establishment

Wilcher, Shirley J., June 15, 1995  OFCCP speech before Senate Labor Committee. (Word 6.0/95) (HTML)

Wilcher, Shirley J., June 21, 1995  OFCCP speech before Congress

Wilcher, Shirley J., June 9, 1998, Seattle Times.  "Ironically, Wilcher said, "Federal regulations do not require any state or local public agency that has a federal contract to have a formal affirmative-action plan."

Wilcher, Shirley J.,  and the Contrarian




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