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  Sent: Monday, September 01, 2003 4:41 PM
  Subject: OFCCP vs Veterans

Some OFCCP employees believe that there is concerted effort on the part of OFCCP management to do away with veterans complaints.  Also, this OFCCP effort involves the stripping of long-standing veterans rights.  More is coming regarding this aspect of subterfuge and obstruction of justice by the OFCCP.
However, for now, veterans that file discrimination complaints should concentrate on their right to a "Pre-NORI Meeting" with the OFCCP.  i.e. The right to have a meeting with the CO conducting the investigation before the NORI is issued.  The OFCCP CO should have the file in front of them during the meeting. 
There is much confusion among the OFCCP COs for three reasons.  1) There is no system of continuous training.  2) And what little training OFCCP COs get, there is no provision for confrontational training.  3) OFCCP management politics are to deny "Pre-NORI Meetings." 

Stay tuned for more on denial of Veterans' Rights.  There are volumes that can be written from the Veterans' Rights Advocates files.

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Veterans' Rights Advocates