General guidelines for an appeal include:

1) If the NORI requires an appeal, look for mistakes of interpretation and procedure made by the OFCCP investigator in the NORI.

2) What is not said in the NORI can sometimes be more important than what is said.  Address issues that you feel the OFCCP left out of the NORI.

3) If you have additional evidence, try to supply it in the form of affidavits.  An example affidavit is in the War Plan of

4) Remember, when the Federal Contractor ignores the mandates of VEVRAA, the greatest discrimination of all is done by your Federal Contractor.

5) If you have evidence that your Federal Contractor is ignoring the mandates of VEVRAA, you should file a non-compliance complaint directly with the Secretary of Labor.  See War Plan.  It will eventually go to the OFCCP.

6) If the OFCCP has been sloppy and has ignored your questions on your original complaint, then ask your questions again with a reminder to the OFCCP that they are required to at least tell you what questions they will answer and what questions they will not answer and why.

Note: Appeals used to be sent to the OFCCP National Offices in Washington, D.C.  Appeals now go to the OFCCP Regional Offices for your area.  However, there is a caveat.  You can appeal the OFCCP Regional Office decision by sending another appeal to the OFCCP National Offices.

Comment: The above guidelines should have been available to veterans sometime ago.  They will be refined constantly.  “Good Cause” appeals are now included.  Click on the blue "Good Cause." Stay tuned for more support.