Veterans Rights Advocates News (2002)

There are events and letters for all veterans that need to be shared here because they affect our lives.  They will be posted almost on a daily basis.  So, stay alert for postings that may be important to a few veterans or to all veterans.

December 29, 2002  Veterans dissatisfied with their governments lack of support are filing Veterans' Class Action Lawsuits (VCALs) in ever increasing numbers.   Click here for American VCAL HTML.   This includes veterans in Australia, Britain, and Canada.  Click here for British VCAL HTML.    

December 26, 2002  A HUGE day after Christmas present for all veterans fighting to support VEVRAA!  Read about the Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross awarded to all Vietnam veterans since 1962!  Click here for HTML.  Read about the Korea Defense Service medal awarded to all Korean veterans since the 1950s!  Click here for HTML.  Remember the November, 1998 VEVRAA update that states: "All members of the armed services are now covered by VEVRAA if for 180 or more days they were on active duty when a service ribbon/medal was awarded anywhere in the world for any conflict involving a U.S. armed forces group."  A HUGE number of veterans have just joined the ranks to fight for VEVRAA!  Hoorah!

December 22, 2002  New Link on LINKS page for Vets Voices from Kelli's Heroes.  Click here for LINK.  Then put Kelli in search engine.  Click here for HTML  for notice.

December 20, 2002  Disabled Veterans and CR be DAMNED.  Mexicans to get millions, possibly billions, in Social Security benefits.  Click here for HTML.

December 10, 2002  Veterans say VA toughest adversary they have ever had.  A foe that causes pain and suffering beyond the wars.  Click here for HTML.

December 3, 2002  New call for pro bono lawyers initiated for Veterans by VSOs (Veteran Service Organizations).  Read story by clicking here.  V-R-A wrote appeal letter to these organizations.  Response negative again 8 years later.

December 1, 2002  New VCALs (Veterans Class Action Lawsuits) initiated for Veterans.  Click here for HTML.  May be affecting visitors to this website.

November 23, 2002  Beginning Information on New Medical Benefits for Retired Disabled Veterans.  Click Here for HTML.

November 22, 2002  Senate and House agree on Bill 2237 for year 2002 veterans' benefits.    Click here for Bill PDF.  Click here for bulletin PDF.

November 21, 2002  Veterans lose medical case big time.   Click here for case PDF.  Click here for bulletin PDF.  Click here for update PDF.

November 20, 2002  HR Bill one of three in Senate and House to change the way the OFCCP does business.   Click here for bill PDF.  Click here for analysis PDF.

November 19, 2002  Azdell case pits OPM (Office of Personnel Management), MSPB (Merit System Protection Board), and VPA of 1944 (G.I. Bill) in battle for ALJ (Administrative Law Judges) selection process.  Click here for case PDF.

November 18, 2002  Lyons case supports CVD regarding evidence before a claim.  Fills U.S. Supreme Court gap.  Click here for case PDF.

November 16, 2002  The Grant Act vs. Procurement Contracts is brilliantly dissected by a veteran in the Partridge case.  Choose Word 6.0 or HTML.

November 13, 2002  A Secret Revealed.   Read it by clicking here.

November 12, 2002  A Minority Report.   Read it by clicking here.

November 12, 2002  Read the VEVRAA promises to veterans in an OFCCP brochure.  Outside fold, click here.    Inside fold, click here. 

November 11, 2002  A Vietnam Veteran's e-mail/letter to the U.S. Congress on Veterans' Day.  Read it by clicking here.

November 10, 2002  Another story of the Fox guarding the Hen House, or will veterans ever be supported?  Find out more by clicking here.

November 1, 2002  Is it time for a veterans class action lawsuit (VCAL)?  All indications are that a VCAL is needed since the U.S. President, U.S. Senators,  U.S. Representatives, and DOL/OFCCP officials have not responded to veterans requests for enforcing VEVRAA.  In order to put teeth into VEVRAA, veterans are asked to sign up on AskTell with a name, e-mail address, "Yes to VCAL," and tell their stories dealing with the OFCCP and their Federal Contractor so that veterans can begin the process of rebuilding the OFCCP from the top down and the bottom up.   If you feel that a VCAL is not needed, vote "NO to VCAL."  Read more by clicking here.

October 28, 2002  CSULB vs OFCCP (VEVRAA fight revisited).  Click Here for Article 1.  Click Here for Article 2.

October 24, 2002  Important/Urgent notice for U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine WWII POWS.  Click Here.

October 5, 2002  For those of you not familiar with VEVRAA 60-250.3 - Coverage and waivers, please click here for VEVRAA waiver rule from 1978 that relates to the news in the paragraph below regarding ESA's James and affirmative action.

October 4, 2002  ESA's James signs new affirmative action agreement on September 13, 2002.  Please click here for PDF file.  Agreement form.  Please click here for PDF file.

September 26, 2002  OIG (Office of the Inspector General) Audit Report.  Please click here for PDF file.  ESA Response.  Please click here for Word 6/95 file.  Both files can also be found on LINKS.  The 1978 statutes govern the OIG functions.

September 15, 2002  Click on How Laws Are Made, Congressional Hearings, Law Librarians Links, Veterans' Preference Act, or Veterans' Readjustment Act.  Or, go to the LINKS page to learn why you should click on all of the above.

July 27, 2002  WarPlan now includes additional help for those filing appeals to decisions by the OFCCP.  Either go to War Chest on LINKS page or click here for Appeals Help.

July 5, 2002  Memorial for all lost loved ones created after some years of thought and searching for the right combination.   Click here on Memorial.

July 1, 2002  Home Depot reverses VEVRAA stance by deciding that disabled persons, veterans, and minorities are worth the expense and trouble.  Click here on Home Depot VEVRAA Reversal.

June 28, 2002  CVD (Continuing Violation(s) Doctrine) decision by U.S. Supreme Court is complex and confusing and puts CVD in jeopardy.  Click on the URL below or click here on Amtrak vs. Morgan.

June 18, 2002  Home Depot denies VEVRAA by deciding that disabled persons, veterans, and minorities are not worth the expense and trouble.  Click on the URL below or click here on Home Depot.

June 16, 2002  VRA is collecting complaint numbers that are over 6 months old.  These numbers were assigned by the OFCCP.  Please enter your number and date you first received it at AskTell.  If you would like to enter the status such as whether it is on appeal, etc., please do so at AskTell.

June 15, 2002  Some veterans never saw the OIG audit form even though they had open complaints.  I have put a copy of a sample OIG cover letter and a copy of an OIG audit form on this website in WORD format for all veterans that feel they should have been included in this OIG audit. Click  HERE.

June 5, 2002  Read about Department of Labor's Veterans Committee that hasn't met in two years by clicking HERE.

June 4, 2002  Read U.S. House of Representative Bill (H.R. 4015) and U.S. Senate Bill (S2561) to move or not to move VETS organization from Department of Labor to Department of Veterans Affairs by clicking HERE.

May 27, 2002  It's Memorial Day, 2002, and not everybody has Outlook Express.  So, I have put a memorial here that all can enjoy by clicking HERE.

May 26, 2002  Important News Flash for Veterans.  The VA reports a reduction in the backlog of claims.  Read with comments after the article by clicking HERE or go to original article (without comments) URL in the second line on screen..

May 4, 2002  Congratulations to Dr. Walter (Skip) H. Moore!  An important win by a veteran for veterans via the Affirmative Action part of the VEVRAA of 1974 amended and complaint process by a veteran against discrimination against veterans.  Choose here for an original PDF copy or a copy in HTML format.

May 1, 2002  Visitor Graph for 2002 keeps growing by steady as she goes.  Thank you for your support.  Click Here.

May 1, 2002  U.S. Supreme Court decides seniority trumps disability.   Read U.S. Supreme Court decision by clicking here.

April 29, 2002  U.S. Supreme Court eases rules for workers who sue.  Read article and U.S. Supreme Court decision by clicking here.

April 28, 2002  To determine if your employer is a Federal Contractor, search the "Central Contractor Registration" database directly by clicking here or go to the LINKS page and click on the "Central Contractor Registration" database link.

April 13, 2002  Veterans push to change 111 year old law regarding retired and disabled Veterans.  Click on the URL that follows or click on VETERAN3:

April 10, 2002  Industry (includes Federal Contractors) is bringing their collective hob-nailed boots to bear on veterans in yet another "SCAM."  Click on the two URLs that follow or click on VETERAN1 and VETERAN2:

March 31, 2002  A great resource for Enduring Freedom, Vietnam, Gulf War, Korea, WWII veterans.  Features discussion board, benefits, healthcare, compensation, gaf, ptsd, gws, compensation claim, bva case search.  Click on Links or here for - Veteran to Veteran.

March 21, 2002   War Hero's Wife Fired.  Click Here.

March 20, 2002  EEOC and OFCCP Coordination Agreement for those veterans and workers who are not aware of dual filing for CC-4s can be found on Links or  Click Here.

March 15, 2002  Tragedy is brewing right under our veterans' noses that may make all veterans' rights a matter of history.  Go to Tragedy or Click Here.

March 11, 2002  AARP March Bulletin reports EEOC Civil Rights win before the U.S. Supreme Court.  Click Here.

March 6, 2002  Medal of Honor not recognized.  Click Here.

March 4, 2002  VETS may be moved from Department of Labor to Veterans' Administration.  Click Here.

February 20, 2002  The 911 page is not only a call to all veterans, it is also a call to U.S. President Bush, all U.S. Senators, and all U.S. Representatives.   Click Here.

February 5, 2002  Visitor Graph for 2002 keeps growing.  When visitor count hits 1000 visitors per month, the website becomes eligible for certain types of support and awards.  Click Here.

January 19, 2002 Hoax of "No Statistics for Veterans exposed!" Click here.

January 1, 2002 Visitor Graph for 2001 keeps growing.  When visitor count hits 1000 visitors per month, the website becomes eligible for certain types of support and awards.  Click Here.

For News for Year 2001, Click Here.




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