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Vietnam Cross of Gallantry Update: The previous Bulletin article on the Vietnam Cross of Gallantry with Palm award was incomplete.   Readers should review the following before taking any action:  The Vietnam Cross of Gallantry can be an individual or unit award for bravery in combat.  For unit awards the RVN government distinguished between units serving in combat support of the Republic and in civic action support (or both) awarding the RVN Cross of Gallantry with Palm, Unit Citation to combat units and the the RVN Civic Actions Honor Medal, First Class, Unit Citation to logistic units.  According to the Department of the Army General Order DA GO 8 1974 the Vietnam Gallantry Cross Unit Citation with Palm was awarded to Headquarters U. S. Military Assistance Command (MACV) and all its subordinate units during the period  8 FEB 1962 to 28 MAR 1973.  All military personnel who were assigned to units serving in-country Vietnam during this period  were considered assigned to MACV  and its subordinate units, regardless of service or component.  Under DA GO 43 1970 the Vietnam Cross of Gallantry was awarded to all military personnel of all branches who served in-country Vietnam between 1 MAR 1961 and 28 MAR 1973 and to U.S. Army Vietnam and its subordinate units for the period 20 JUL 1965 to 28 MAR 1973.  Both of these DAGOs should be listed in Army Pamphlet 672-3 which contains all units specifically cited and is the guideline used by NPRC for making corrections to DD-214s.

      This is a foreign award that was issued by the Army of South Vietnam.  When awarded to U.S. military personnel it was awarded with Silver Star (the equivalent to the US Army Silver Star) or with Bronze Star (equivalent to the US Bronze Star).  It is also the equivalent of the French Croix de Guerre.  When awarded to units it was always with Gold Palm.  As with U.S. unit awards all personnel in the unit during the period of action for which the award is given may wear the award at all times.  Individuals not in the unit during the designated period can wear the award only while assigned to the unit.  As a foreign decoration the Vietnamese Cross may not be worn until the award is approved by the US Department of State. That approval is then passed to the Department of Army and a General Order for the award is published [i.e. DA GO 43 1970 & DA GO 8 1974].  If you never received a medal, ribbon, or certificate it cannot be reissued by NPRC since this is a foreign award    However, amended discharge papers (DD-215) can be issued if the citation is not listed on your DD-214. If you want to confirm your eligibility you can request an amendment by submitting a Standard Form 180 (SF-180) to the National Personnel Records Command (NPRC).  This form can be downloaded at: , , or

     Veterans who cannot access the Internet may call 1-800-FRA-1924 to request the form. Further information is also available from your local VA office.

      Any individual who wants to have their awards and decorations reviewed and a replacement (one-time) set issued can write to: NPRC, 9700 Page Avenue, St Louis, MO 63132-5000.  Upon receipt NPRC will access the appropriate records, attach the request, and send the case to AFPC to work. Include name, Service Number, SSAN, inclusive dates in the service, DD Forms 214 if available, and current mailing address.  Ask that the records be reviewed for additional unit or individual awards and decorations not reflected on the DD Form 214, correction of the DD Form 214, and issuance of a complete replacement set of awards and decorations if desired.  Veterans should expect to wait at least four-six months for a response.  Any request for changes to a DD Form 214 should be accompanied by the necessary documents to substantiate the claim.  Questions regarding Air Force awards/decorations can be emailed to    Queries on verification cannot be answered unless your request was previously submitted in writing with the requester's signature to NPRC.

      Many vets never received their Vietnam Cross of Gallantry who were eligible.  The medal and ribbon can be viewed at A certificate suitable for framing can be purchased for a fee at  [Source: Armed Forces News 3 JAN 03, FRA News-Bytes 0 JAN 03, VWV President Claire Starnes & ]