When you want to file a CC-4 complaint and you have exceeded the "Statute-of-Limitations" (which has been changed to agree with the DFEHA 300 day standard instead of the previous OFCCP 180 day standard) for filing your CC-4, you may request an extension from the OFCCP National Offices.  You must give reasons that follow the OFCCP guidelines for your "Good Cause" request to be granted by the OFCCP national offices (address under OFCCP Contacts on this LINKS page).  Some of those reasons, but not limited to, are: 1) You were medically incapacitated. 2) Your "qualified Federal Contractor" willfully misled you. 3) The OFCCP, VETS, and related DOL agencies did not inform you of your statute-of-limitations when you contacted them. 
More information will be supplied shortly via OFCCP National Offices documents.  Of course, your CC-4 must be filed with the OFCCP Regional Offices according to their regulations.