In order to put teeth into VEVRAA and USERRA laws, veterans are asked to sign up on AskTell with a name, e-mail address, and tell their story dealing with the OFCCP and their Federal Contractor so that veterans can begin the process of rebuilding the OFCCP from the top down and the bottom up.  A possible Veterans Class Action Lawsuit (VCAL) is needed since the U.S. President, U.S. Senators, U.S. Representatives,  and DOL/OFCCP officials have not responded to requests for enforcing VEVRAA.

Instead, veterans who have complained about the lack of VEVRAA support have been the victims of many legal abuses and have no legal aid to fight against the OFCCP and "qualified" Federal Contractors for their VEVRAA rights.  Veterans need legal aid to fight (among other abuses) against abuse of power, abandonment, abdication of statutory responsibility, denial of jurisdiction, "SHAM" investigations, obstruction of justice, misconduct, willful suppression of evidence, collusion, and moral turpitude. 

Please go to AskTell and vote.  Add your name to the list of veterans who are willing to fight for justice and the laws to correct the corruption of VEVRAA by the OFCCP and the Federal Contractors by entering "YES to VCAL."  If you are a member of an organization that can lend support, please give us permission to use your organization's name in this fight.  Also, please refer this action and website to everyone, politician, veteran, or organization that is willing to visit this website and join the cause for 20,000,000 veterans and their workplace rights.  If you do not feel a VCAL is needed, vote NO by entering "NO to VCAL."




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