The Veterans War on American Soil

The Veterans Rights Advocates Targeted Objectives

The Veterans Rights Advocates are here to fight for veterans workplace rights.  Many of us did not know that each other existed and were fighting for 6, 12, and more years (some since 1972) for the rights mandated by the VEVRAA of 1974 amended.  It takes a lawyer to understand the CFRs (Code of Federal Regulations) in order to know what the OFCCP (Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs) and VETS agencies are failing to do.  We are here to rectify this situation by providing information to veterans and lawyers alike. 

Our objectives are to provide the U.S. Congress with the ammunition to encourage  the OFCCP and VETS to support veterans through affirmative action and for Congress to provide legal assistance for all veterans in the workplace whose affirmative action rights have been violated.  Federal Contractors and the OFCCP have taken the stance that they have not discriminated against veterans with slurs, spitting, and derogatory statements.

However, the greatest discrimination by the OFCCP and Federal Contractors is the lack of affirmative action for veterans.  Visit the News section to read a few pieces of what is  happening to veterans in today's hostile workplace environment.




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