Pop! Goes the Weasel!

Editorial by Scott J. Linsley

With tongue-in-cheek, I sent out the Weasels e-mail.  I hoped for more reaction than I received.  Please see the e-mail after this editorial.  There are many subliminal messages in the Weasels e-mail.  Please understand that a small group of veterans and I are fighting corruption at its highest level.  The reason that only a small group of veterans exist that understand what they and I are up against is simply this.  It is because most of today's 26,000,000 veterans do not even know VEVRAA exists much less how badly corrupted it is by the OFCCP and the "qualified" Federal Contractors.  There are many veterans in the workplace whose lives have ended because of this corruption and lack of knowledge.  The Veterans Rights' Advocates at www.v-r-a.org are trying to change this.

I left for Pleiku, Viet-nam the day U.S. President John F. Kennedy was shot.  I returned one year, ten days, twelve hours, and fifteen minutes for Christmas, 1964.  A number of military comrades never saw that Christmas.  In between, I was robbed of three months military pay by a Saigon clerk, received written and verbal commendations, and was written up for a field promotion which I never received.  After the military, I worked for about thirty years in the civilian workplace, never missed a day of work due to personal illness, and was given above average yearly reviews every place I worked.  My last V.P. fired me without cause so that he could hire former employees.  This was with full knowledge of my Viet-nam history at a "qualified" Federal Contractor.  I worked there for over nine years and have not worked since for eight years!  The V.P. was probably never told about VEVRAA by his Human Resources personnel who may not have known either.

However, the purpose of this editorial is to highlight what should be understood by all of us as taught to me by a good and generous man.  My grandfather, E. L. Gadbois, was a high school teacher for over 25 years.  He had a Masters Degree in the Physics of Sound.  He grew up poor.  He played the violin at ten.  He composed a full symphony at thirteen which he submitted for his Masters Degree.  He received an A but was asked why the writing looked liked that of a child.  He was in Ripley's "Believe it or Not" as being able to play and repair 68 musical instruments.  He taught classes that included Les Brown and Lawrence Welk.  He had his own band.  Mr. Gadbois took over the Les Brown band when Les went on vacation.  I learned much as I was growing up from this educated and fun loving relative.  Mr. Gadbois had friends all over the United States and taught in Minnesota, Idaho, and California among the states I can remember.

He resented what he called 40 I.Q. midgets on TV trying to control audience's whose I.Q.s averaged 100.  I receive many e-mails that tell me that the messages that follow will make me laugh.  If they are from friends, I consider the comments as a reflection of how they felt not how I will feel.  But I resent the Weasels ad that states that I will laugh for years.  The Weasels is a statement that the Madison Avenue crowd is alive and well!

I have a friend whose grandfather taught him: "You can always disagree without being disagreeable!"  "You can work a good horse to death!"  i.e. When one of the horses in a team of two is not pulling his share, the good horse will eventually die from the exertion."

The message is that all Americans must actively think all the time!  The passive days must end if all America is to progress beyond today's corruption and make things better.

Take care, as always, Scott@v-r-a.org 

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Subject: Weasels

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Sorry, I don't think this is funny. I guess that makes me a weasel too.
I've always thought that America was a place where differences of opinion were tolerated.
A Friend

From: "Scott" <Scott@v-r-a.org>
To: A Friend
Subject: Re: Weasels
Date: Friday, May 30, 2003 10:11 AM

Dear Friend:

No! I agree. I did not think it was the least bit funny. More importantly, I thought it was serious enough to build a new structure and let people know what is going on. If you are a weasel, I am a "Monkey's Uncle."

No! America is not a place where differences of opionion "are" tolerated. To the point, almost all America discriminates against veterans, 26,000,000. The American reaction to their first unprovoked war went past the 911 and the WMD real or not! It has increased discrimination against veterans by not just academia, but the judicial system, the U.S. Congress, and people who fled to Canada to avoid the draft, and last, but not least, the U.S. President known as Bill Clinton. One branch of the U.S. Government has issued a not so secret set of directives on how to avoid hiring a veteran. So much for VEVRAA and the passing of the G.I.Bill known as the VPA of 1944!

On top of the 8 years that I have spent without a job (I am 63), I have learned some valuable lessons. There are some mysteries that I will never understand. But I sure would like to know where the 1.2 trillion dollars disappeared to in the DOD budget a year ago! The article is fascinating! 

I have to ask myself: 1) Where is honesty? 2) Where is common courtesy? 3)What happened to compassion? 4) Is our society going the way of the Roman empire and the Chinese Dynasties before them?

Nero Wolfe said it best: "When you go out among people, you always put yourself at risk!" The best response that I have is that the deterioration of the American family (for whatever reasons) will lead to the eventual downfall of American society!

I have invented many Linsleyisms over the years. My own personal favorite is: "It is more important that I understand you than you understand me! But wouldn't it be wonderful to have equal understanding?" Another Linsleyism: "How much alike we are is more important than our differences!"

Take care,
as always,

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