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WWII Memorial

Thank you to one and all for your reactions to the WWII Memorial 
misinformation.  All of you are good and reasonable thinking 
friends.  I have used my own reaction, your doubts, and some 
appropriate research to correct the WWII Memorial information.  
Any and all contributions are welcome to keep the record straight 
on my websites.

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  From: SJLinsley 
  To: One and All 
  Sent: Sunday, May 30, 2004 5:29 AM
  Subject: WWII Memorial

  Did you know that the following WWII Memorial cost 
$174 billion over 17 years and construction has only been 
over the past 4 years and there are only about 3000 
surviving WWII military members?

Corrected information follows:

There were 16 Million WWII veterans, about 4 million are alive 
today, including 33,000 POW's still alive.  Approximately 
$191 million has been collected to pay for the WWII Memorial.  
The actual cost came in at about $174 million (How TV changed 
it to billion, I don't know.)  People are fighting over the
$17 million left over in the trust account.  These are not
tax dollars.  The process started about 11 years ago.  The 
construction took about 4 years.  Thanks to everyone.

One of the best sources on the Internet is the following:

From: "Name Deleted"
To: "SJLinsley" 
Subject: Re: WWII Memorial
Date: Sunday, May 30, 2004 12:41 PM

There were 16 Million WW II veterans,
about 4 million are alive today, including 33,000 POW's 
still alive.  3000?

The following person has one of the most brilliant minds 
I have ever met and my family thought he was just great!

From: "SJLinsley" 
To: "DIck von Briesen" 
Subject: Fw: WWII Memorial
Date: Sunday, May 30, 2004 1:05 PM


While TV is not the most accurate source of information, 
I will stick with these numbers until new ones appear!!!!! 
The Internet has proven to have its hoaxes, etc.  
My Dad taught me to believe nothing that I hear and 
very little of what I see.  My sister published Dad's 
obituary with a rank of Colonel in 5 places and not Major 
as his DD214 states.  I am correcting that falsehood!!!  
And I am ordering the free granite marker from the government 
with the correct rank!!!!!!!! I have sent my response 
to you and others with this response.  All of you could 
try and send me corrected numbers if you can find them!!!!!  
I have changed your e-mail request to the address above.  
Congratulations on your retirement.  I have been retired 
since 1995 and I wish I was still working.  But that would 
not be possible with Lois's dissecting aorta and my son Doug 
just recently placed into the SSA system with his 
systemic lupus and brain damage.


WWII vets have been dying by the thousands month by month 
for many months.  

The following person has been accurate in sticking a pin 
in misinformation and I have always found Bob reliable 
in rising to my occasional red-herrings without 
taking offense.  Bob and I worked together at 20th 
Century Fox Film Corporation and I have always admired 
and respected his opinions.

From: "SJLinsley" 
To: "Robert Busson" 
Subject: Re: WWII Memorial
Date: Sunday, May 30, 2004 12:41 PM


The numbers came from the dedication on TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Of course, the numbers of military from Korea would 
be in the 100,000s, Viet-nam would be close to a million, etc. 
I know my Dad died at 93 this February and he was one 
of the younger ones.

Until someone comes up with better numbers, I will stick 
with the WWII Memorial dedication.


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  From: Robert Busson 
  To: ScottLinsley@Hotmail.com 
  Sent: Sunday, May 30, 2004 7:10 AM
  Subject: RE: WWII Memorial

Stack up the number 3000 against the crowd that attended
the dedication ceremony yesterday.  I don't know where 
the number came from, but there certainly were more than 
3000 WWII military members present yesterday, come on Scott!!!!


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From: Dick von Briesen 
To: SJLinsley 
Sent: Sunday, May 30, 2004 6:01 AM
Subject: Re: WWII Memorial

Scott - 

Sorry, I find this very hard to believe.  Whenever 
I get an e-mail with some unbelievable statement 
like this I try to track it down, and it usually turns 
out to be "inaccurate" at best. Where did you get the 
$174 billion figure?  Why does it appear nowhere on the web?

Regards, Dick.

PS- I'm retiring on July 15.  I can't tell what 
e-mail address you have for me, but from now on 
could you please use dickvb@canada.com ?   
Thanks.  Dick.