Please help us. There are about 800 here to my knowledge. I am included in a Independent Living Program and Vocational Rehab here in the Hawaii and more are waiting. What a Big Disappointment and an Insult to us all. Mr. Gavigan spearheads this section in Honolulu at Regional Office #459. It's a disgrace to Veterans and the nation how this is handled. We are promised, lied to and it is clear to us (Veterans) that we are being taken advantage of strictly so the V.A. can obtain money and lots of it. Basically they want the Disabled to go to work and do things their way or you will be excluded from the program. The main complaint is that veterans are not receiving equipment, training or Regional Hearings to make their case of record so an unbiased opinion can be made. The program is a disgrace and personal insults from the V.A. and councilors cannot be tolerated. I petition that a Law suit be filed for Abdication of Statutory Responsibility, Collusion, and Moral Turpitude and Corruption of Funds.