Date: Wednesday, September 24, 2003 7:28 PM

From: Dr. Charles W. Heckman

   I am presently engaged in three employment discrimination 
lawsuits because of discrimination against me since 1968.  
Most of my alult life was spent working as a scientist for 
German and Brazilian institutes.  American colleges and 
universities discriminate as a matter of policy, and the 
OPM and many Federal agencies are simply run by criminals.  
During my dealings with the United States Forest Service, 
I was offered $20,000 in misappropriated funds if I would 
withdraw from the selection, and after the Office of Special 
Counsel forced the Forest Service to hire me, two employees 
committed perjury to justify my dismissal.  Although proof 
of the perjury was on their taped testimony, this and the 
other felonies were ignored.  I have also been blacklisted 
for employment with other Federal agencies and agencies of 
the State of Washington.