Veterans' Voting Bloc
Washington Chapter
Special Bulletin
From: Charles W. Heckman
Why the government has no money to meet its obligations to veterans.
   The following list was provided in a regular newsletter put out by 
Mr. Rick Stanley. The next time President Bush or a congressman tells you
there is no money for veterans, hand him this list of projects deemed 
by our government to be more important than the life and well-being of 
American veterans and ask him to explain.
/A>] $5 billion bailout and $10 billion loan for airlines via the Air
Transportation Safety and System Stabilization Act. source $521 
million Amtrak budget for fiscal 2002. source $205 million
bailout plus $100 million loan to Amtrak. source Dept. of
Transportation budget increased by 6% over fiscal 2001 to $59.5
billion. (riddled with pork) source $145 
million for the New Freedom Initiative to ensure transportation 
alternatives for people with disabilities.
6E7DE82D985256BED005B275C?OpenDocument source "Homebuyer bill 
of rights" to Reform Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act -- federal
regulation of real estate. source</A>
] Continued anti-trust lawsuit against Microsoft. s
ource $1 billion over 5 years for the poor to purchase homes via
the "American Dream Down Payment Fund." source
Proposed $3.7 billion in new Medicare funding over the next three
years (2003-2005) .,2933,53478,00.html source
Health care subsidies for laid-off workers and expanded job 
retraining benefits ($10 billion to $12 billion over 10 years).,2933,53478,00.html source
Wage insurance -- federal wage supplement. source<
/A>] $67 million in taxpayers' money to finance presidential campaign
via federal matching funds. source</
A>] Issued executive order creating the Office of Faith-Based and
Community Initiatives.
02/budget.cfm source Submitted largest budget ever to Congress, 
$2.13 trillion. so
urce Increased debt-limit from $5.95 trillion to $6.4 trillion.
2.html" source Scholarships for Cuban students and professionals via the
Initiative for a New Cuba.
corps.html source Increased budget for National Health Service
Corps by $44 million to $191.5 million. source
$150 million for the Coast Guard and the Customs Service to hire new
source Increased farm subsidies by $180 billion over 10 years
via the Farm Security Act.
4579616c.html source Increased Pentagon budget by 12% over fiscal 2001 
from $316 billion to $355 billion. source $560
million for the USA Freedom Corps which includes $230 million for
AmeriCorps. source Double
the number of Peace Corps volunteers at a cost of $200 million over
five years.
bzsupe012571771feb01. story?coll=ny-television-print source $3.5 million 
for SuperBowl anti-drug ads.
tm source Faith-based subsidies. source</A>
] Increased federal spending on education from $39.9 billion to $44.5
billion via the "No Child Left Behind Act." source Signed Congressional payraise 
of $4,900.
2.html source</A>] Patients Bill of Rights.
j.html source Federal Compassion Capital Fund, $700 million over 10
72630360.htm source</A>] $100 million to beef up investigative manpower and technology at
the SEC. source
$6 million to upgrade a U.S. Geological Survey data center near Sioux
Falls, S.D.  The USGS has one of the poorest records for hiring veterans. source
$10 million to help farmers near the Rio Grande River involved in a
water dispute with Mexico. source
$7 million for enhancing water supplies in New Mexico.
terror-bill_x.htm source A provision pressuring the Agriculture
Department to reimburse poultry producers in West Virginia and
Virginia for losses from avian influenza. source
$1 billion for Pell grants for low-income students. source
$417 million for veterans' medical care. source
$400 million to help states improve voting systems. source
$100 million for countering western wildfires and floods.
3793363c.html source Taxpayer-funded national memorial, congressional 
gold medals, and gold coins for victims of 9/11.
3791685c.html source Scholarships and grants to nurses and help 
hospitals with retention.
3751831c.html source Increased the NEA budget by $10 million, to 
$126 million.
L18&ft=Government+Pork source $200,000 for a trucker congestion
notification system in Tacoma, Washington.
L18&ft=Government+Pork source $500,000 to save the Prebles
Meadow Jumping Mouse in Colorado.
L18&ft=Government+Pork source $62 million to promote the
Sacajawea dollar coin.
L18&ft=Government+Pork source $100,000 a month to monitor news
reports and offer advice on media strategy for the Pentagon. source
$1.5 million for maintenance of the Vulcan Statue in Alabama built 
for the 1904 World's Fair.,2933,56515,00.html source
$20 million annually for "Strategic Milk Reserve." Was phased out in
1999 by the 1996 Freedom to Farm Act. Congress extended it
temporarily, and then made it permanent again in the farm bill that
President Bush signed into law in May. source</
A>] $877 million in disaster relief for victims of Tropical Storm
Allison. source $2 million
in federal recovery assistance to typhoon victims in Guam. source
Steel and lumber tariffs. source
$1.7 billion plus $300 million in emergency funds for the Low-Income
Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) via the Supplemental
Appropriations Act of 2001. source
$230 million for the Weatherization Assistance Program.
050102.htm source Federal disaster relief for tonado victims in 
http://www.strike-the- so
urce Payoff to families of 9/11 victims with taxpayer money via
the "Victim Compensation Fund." source</
A>] Bush pushes for school vouchers.,2061,5535
85,00.html source $450,000 in federal funds for the Chicago
Project for Violence Prevention for fiscal year 2003 on top of
$750,000 in 2002.
4286882c.html source $752 million in drought aid to livestock farmers. source<
/A>] $30 million in research grants over the next five years to
develop new ways of making industrial products from plants and 
natural waste materials. source $10
billion military reserve fund for the Pentagon. source 
National Institute of Health to spend $24 million on a
retirement facility for chimpanzees. source 
$750,000 for grasshopper research in Alaska. source 
$2 million to house a worm collection at the Smithsonian
museum in Washington, DC. source 
$400,000 to study manure management at the National Swine
Research Center in Iowa. source 
$4.2 million for a shrimp aquaculture research project in
six states. source 
$400,000 for the Montana Sheep Institute.
pubs/amnews/pick_01/gvsb0423.htm source $23.1 billion for the National 
Institute of Health for fiscal 2002, a 13.5% increase over fiscal 2001. 
source $10 million upgrade for Amber Alerts. source
$1 million to upgrade a law enforcement communication system in 
Placer County, CA. source
$850,000 for a wastewater treatment facility in Placer County, CA source
$1.7 million to purchase 6,100 acres of land along the American 
River. source
$14 million for restoration projects in the Lake Tahoe basin. source
$3 million for the acquisition of land for rare plant preserves in El
Dorado County, CA. source $600,000 for the 
West Blount sewer system. (Alabama) source $1 million for the 
Duck River Dam. (Alabama) source</A>] $99,000 
for sidewalk improvements at Vinemont Middle School. (Alabama) source $100
million in grants for communities to develop mosquito-control
programs. (pending) source $753
million for Import-Export Bank. Increased loan limit for Import-
Export Bank to $25 billion. Taxpayers must guarantee loans. source $159 billion deficit 
for fiscal 2002.
7.html source $14.2 million for Phoenix Sky Harbor traffic
control tower replacement. (pending)
7.html source $4.2 million for Phoenix bus facilities. 
7.html source $500,000 for a Scottsdale pilot project to
determine the best technologies for removing arsenic from drinking
water. (pending)
7.html source $300,000 for a Southwest Transit Assessment and
Review Team (START) project for Bus Route 131, which runs through
Avondale. (pending)
7.html source $500,000 for Central Arizona College to continue
implementation of the Science, Engineering, Math and Aerospace 
Academy in Pinal County. (pending)
7.html source $1 million for Rio de Flag (Flagstaff)
flood-control project. (pending)
7.html source $1.5 million for Maricopa County's AZTech
Integrated Emergency and Transportation Communications Network.
4703502c.html source Creation of new federal bureaucracy, Office of 
Rare Diseases. source $100
per month federal subsidy to welfare parents who marry. source<
/A>] $8 million to maintain a heating oil reserve to stabilize prices
in the U.S. Northeast. This fund was created in 2000 by Bill Clinton. source<
/A>] $2 billion over 10 years to help companies develop
cleaner-burning coal. source $87
billion in corporate welfare which includes (but is not limited to)
funds for oil companies through the fossil energy research and
development program, research subsidies to aerospace companies, the
National Agricultural Statistics Service, the Foreign Agriculture
Service, and the Conservation Reserve Program. source $6
million for teaching English through the Elementary School Foreign
Language Incentive Program.
leases/PR00605.html source The federal government currently
provides $700-800 million in annual ethanol subsidies.
4783089c.html source $37 billion through 2007 for the National Science
Foundation via the National Science Foundation Authorization Act of
2002. (pending)
4759103c.html source $15 billion for NASA fiscal 2003.
4748581c.html source $903 million in grants to spur federal agencies, 
industry and universities to devote more energy to cyber security 
research. source $533 million over two
years for Project Safe Neighborhoods. Billed on the official website
as "America's Network Against Gun Violence." source
$900 million for the President's "Reading First" plan.
terror-bill_x.htm source $28.9 billion "anti-terror" package. (As
if the federal government didn't already spend enough on defense) source 
Increased FDA budget by over $120 million.
5185256c.html source $1.1 billion for federal reading programs. source
 Proposed economic stimulus package which could cost as much as
$600 billion over 10 years. source Ordered 
military to begin deploying a missile defense system.
5159444c.html source Urged Congress to raise pay of federal 
judges who already earn $150,000 or more annually.
5076749c.html source Increased the National Science Foundation 
budget from $4.8 billion to $7.4 billion in 2005 and $9.8 billion in 2007. source Proposed increasing defense spending to $378.5 billion next fiscal
year from the $364.1 billion appropriated by Congress for fiscal 
2003. source $782 billion in new 
spending for fiscal 2003 above what Washington spent in the previous 
four years.
4943662c.html source Reinstated program to pay cash bonuses to political
appointees. The program was previously stopped during the Clinton
administration because of concerns about potential abuse.,2933,71420,00.html source
"Terror insurance" which would force taxpayers to compensate those
affected by future terrorist attacks.
ON=HOME source Up to $3,000 for unemployed Americans to pay for
their job searches. source
Billions to the nuclear industry to make high-temperature, gas-cooled
reactors via the Energy Policy Act of 2003.
2003/world/w6.htm source $11 billion over the next 3 years to build up 
war capability in S. Korea.
852787 source Federal deficit for fiscal 2003 approaching $400
8674r.htm source Federal grant money to renovate the Old North Church 
in Boston, MA.
g/82fc5ded9d9f122065fde58226b4cf53.txt source $4.2 million in
grazing refunds for Montana. source</A
] $8 million for firearms training for commercial pilots.
2003/4-28-03/hyrdrogen.htm source $1.7 billion over the next five
years on hydrogen development. 
Over 230 American service personnel killed in Iraq. source 
Civilian deaths in Iraq due to areal bombardment, undetonated ordinance 
(such as cluster bombs), and firearms estimated at 6,000 to 7,700 
according to news reports. source 1 source 
2 Civilian deaths in Afghanistan due to areal bombardment estimated at
between 3,100 to 3,600. source Thousands of civilians killed, hundreds of thousands displaced by areal bombing in
Afghanistan. source
Invaded and bombed Afghanistan without Congressional declaration of
war. Only Congress can declare war. source Boost in
American foreign-aid by 50% to more than $15 billion annually.
atxt.htm source Meddling in Zimbabwe by threatening to withhold
foreign-aid (Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act of 2001). source
$474 million to combat HIV/AIDS overseas, including $100 million for 
a global trust fund, and $200 million for international disaster
assistance. source
$676 million for South American anti-drug plan. source $800
million in assistance to independent states of the former Soviet