I have been going through some more of my papers and have come up with a good example of routine fumbling by the EEOC.  I found a form letter stating that they found no evidence of reprisal for filing previous complaints, and I have an affidavit from the selection committee head affirming that he was told by the personnel specialist not to decide to hire me without checking with her because I had filed a complaint with another agency.  This seems like reprisal for filing a complaint to me.
   While the EEOC is not allowed to consider veteran status, it is good to file a parallel discrimination complaint with them because the discrimination may also be due to age.  The advantage is that the EEOC compiles a complete file, while the OFCCP seldom produces any documents at all.  With the EEOC file, it is easy for the veteran to compare his qualifications with those of the non-veteran the employer selected and see how much better his own qualifications are.  The papers can be used as evidence in a lawsuit, even if the EEOC refuses to take any action.
   Since you have not posted any of the papers I sent you yet, I do not know whether you can use any more.  Let me know whether I should send you the additional material.
Charles Heckman