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Charles Heckman


Depravation of Civil Rights for Service in the Vietnam War


Summary of the case of Dr. Charles W. Heckman


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   After the Vietnam War, the United States Government, aided by the mainstream press, set about vindicating itself for its incredible mismanagement of the war by placing the blame on the veterans.  To do this effectively, veterans had to be completely excluded from any positions of influence or responsibility, including faculty posts at universities, journalist positions with the news and electronic media, and supervisory positions in the civil service.

    From 35 years of experience fighting against the “McCarthy Era-style” blacklisting of veterans, Dr. Heckman has come to realize that there are degrees of discrimination depending upon what the veteran did during the war.  Employment preference is a legal entitlement of all Vietnam Era veterans, but it is denied more frequently to veterans who actually served in Vietnam.  Furthermore, among those veterans, discrimination is most severe against those who served in combat.  Therefore, the considerable amount of combat Dr. Heckman experienced during the war is sufficient to explain the large amount of money and effort expended by the civil service and its contractors to keep him from ever finding gainful employment in the United States.