This is just to apologize for the delay in getting you my documents on the Forest Service appeal.  Last Monday, I argued my appeal in the Washington State discrimination complaint.  The presentation, limited to 20 minutes, went well.  Legally, I should win, but politically there is a big question mark given the drive to eliminate veterans' preference by judicial fiat.  In any case, I might have to wait a year for the decision.
   In the Forest Service appeal, I have already copied the brief of the defendant, which is about 40 pages, some of the letters, and will copy the initial MSPB decision, which is about 85 pages without the routine explanation of rights at the end.  The delay has been in preparing explanations of what these documents mean and how they are related to the case.  The MSPB initial decision is written in a manner almost as rambling and confusing as the submissions of the Forest Service.  This "smoke screen" tactic is used to make it look like some kind of evidence was presented, when, in fact, only fabrications were used to support the Forest Service case.  It also makes the decision so long that no appeals court judge will take the time to read it through.
   Please send me a mailing address where I should send the documents.
Sincerely yours,
Charles Heckman