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When Dr. Charles Heckman first came to the Veterans' Rights Advocates attention, he was given a return e-mail that was a standard response for those about to enter a complaint with the OFCCP. While this was inappropriate in Dr. Heckman's circumstances, other veterans may want to use the above steps.
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Dr. Charles Hechman needs to hear from any veteran who has suffered a travesty in the Federal Courts system because VEVRAA and/or veterans preference have been violated. Dr. Hechman has been fighting In Pro Se for a number of years and offers several documents above recounting his current and past actions that other veterans will find very interesting.
In the 11th entry above, Dr. Hechman addresses discrimination against veterans in the workplace and writes an open letter to the U.S. President.

In the 12th entry above, Dr. Hechman includes information on government fraud, theft, and whistleblowing.

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In the 13th entry above, you can read a short analysis of a long history of causal connections about Veterans' Discrimination, the need to abolish the OFCCP, and long needed reform to correct these conditions.
The documents that follow will be categorized and commented later.
Stay tuned for additional information.

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