911 - A Call to Veterans, U.S. President Bush, all U.S. Senators, and all U.S. Representatives

When this website went live in 2001, we called it the "Year of the Veteran."  Little did any of us realize how true this forecast would be.  Now it is more true than ever that veterans realize that their return to the workplace is more fraught with danger than ever before 911.

The VEVRAA of 1974 (derived from the VPA of 1944 (the G.I. Bill) has failed 30,000,000 veterans and will fail even more from 911 if our U.S. President, all U.S. Senators, and all U.S. Representatives fail to realize that there is a "War on American Soil" that has and will result in more casualties than "Enduring Freedom" and/or "Infinite Justice" has now or will suffer in the near future.

There are many veterans who have never heard of VEVRAA of 1974 or the U.S. President (FDR) that was concerned about veterans.  There are veterans who hear about VEVRAA and try to exercise their rights only to run afoul of a system that takes a lawyer to understand and to assert the rights of the veterans.  All veterans, U.S. Senators, U.S. Representatives and U.S. President Bush should peruse this website and submit any questions via AskTell.

All lawyers interested in helping veterans realize their VEVRAA rights should go to AskTell and submit a brief statement of why and how they can help veterans do so.  As of today (02/20/2002), not one attorney has done so.  There are several reasons and more than the ones listed below.

1} Lawyers are not trained in law school about veterans rights with regard to VEVRAA.

2) Lawyers are trained at government expense (i.e. taxpayers' expense) to help veterans with disabilities.

3) The government provides funding for many veterans' organizations that also help veterans with disabilities.

4) Millions and millions of tax dollars are provided at taxpayers' expense to provide legal aid to inmates in jail but not one tax dollar is provided by the government to provide legal aid to veterans in the workplace.

5) Most taxpayers are not aware of this injustice done by them towards veterans.

6) Therefore, there is no legal aid for veterans to fight for their VEVRAA rights against abandonment, abdication of statutory responsibility (Judge David V. Kenyon states this in his 1994 decision on OFCCP investigations), denial of jurisdiction, "SHAM" investigations, obstruction of justice, misconduct, willful suppression of evidence, collusion, moral turpitude, and abuse of power.  (Note: Case law states that the complainant does not have to exhaust their administrative remedies before suing if the administrative process causes more grief.)




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